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Grammar Present Simple

This PowerPoint that  Mike has kindly shared with us in can help us to understand the Present Simple Tense. Please, have a look and try to correct the mistakes on the last slide.

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Quizz IES Comercio

¿Puedes contestar correctamente todas las preguntas de este Quizz?IES COMERCIO on PhotoPeach

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Funtastic Titanic

You can remember the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic through this lesson on the 15th April 2012. 

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Greenhouse Effect

Mapas interactivos

Do you like Geography? Are you good at it? You can test your knowledge with these interactive maps.


  Revista Didactalia: artículos, reportajes y entrevistas a la comunidad educativa.Disfruta de materiales educativos para todas las asignaturas.Didactalia es el gran índice de recursos educativos en Internet para profesores, padres y alumnos.

My scoops

Presentaciones de enlaces en la Web, en forma de revista de gran utilidad.

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Busy teacher

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Realidad Aumentada

Vídeo interesante donde se explica la Realidad Aumentada y algunas de sus aplicaciones en el aula.

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A lesson a day

Have fun and learn English.

Geography with Lily

You can learn the names of the countries in English with this video and this young teacher

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Ponencia Bilingüismo

Ponencia de Xavier Gisbert sobre Bilingüismo en el II Congreso Internacional de Enseñanza Bilingüe

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What do you think of these inventions? What  are they for ? Are they useful or useless? We are interested in your opinion.

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Sistemas educativos

Incluyo los enlaces a algunos artículos  publicados sobre los modelos educativos.
Declaraciones del Ministro de Educación, publicado en ABC con referencia a  La Rioja
Este enlace nos lleva al blog de Pere Marquès y el currículo bimodal.
Este enlace con el blog de Juan Freire analiza  las condiciones del modelo educativo Finlandés

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Can you use a computer?

A new goanimate about using computers. Try yours.b> Can you use a computer? by analara

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun! Space Battleship Integrity: Ep 4 by J Files Graphics

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!


A visual dictionary can be a useful tool when you are studying a language. Here you are  Merriam Webster.

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A riddle

Try to guess the following riddle


Con este artículo del periódico "el mundo" quedamos invitados a hacer una reflexión sobre la excelencia, tema de actualidad estos días de cambios en el sistema educativo español. Antiexcelentes

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Elementary vocabulary and voice a funny way of revising basic words you need to speak


Gone with the wind
Nelson Mandela
What do you know about this film? What nationality is it?When was it made? Who  was it directed by? What are the names of the main characters? And the film stars?    Do you know a well-known sentence it was said in it?

Who is Nelson Mandela?. What nationality is he? What Nobel Prize was he awarded with?When was he awarded with a Nobel Prize? How long did he stay in prison? Why? When did he become President of his country?

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Friday I'm in love

A little candy by the end of a lesson.
Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

Paradigma del Sistema Educativo

Me han pasado este enlace que me parece de gran interés y espero que también lo sea para mis compañeros docentes. Gracias David.
"Hay 3 tipos de personas en el mundo: los inamovibles, los movibles y los que se mueven"
Estas son palabras de Benjamin Franklin, recitadas por Ken Robinson en enero del presente año, al finalizar su exposición dada en uno de los eventos organizados por RSA, donde desarrolla algunas de las ideas que luego profundizaría en su charla de mayo en TED "Bring on the Learning Revolution". Learning Cognitive "tradujo" en un formato de animación Scribing, las principales ideas de la charla en RSA.
Paradigma del Sistema Educativo from Javier Catania on Vimeo.

Pretty Pretty Please (Perfect)

It's the  moment for our KARAOKE, remember you can try with Lyrics training
Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

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New Technology Vocabulary

Try to guess the names of these devices. You can find them in the wordle below.

Click and learn

Hi, students, many of you want to improve your english and want to practise with the same websites that we do at school. Here you are one of your favourite ones. CLICKNLEARN

Wallace and Gromit

Let's start watching funny videos with Wallace and Grommit, two fans of any gadgets that can be imagined. Could you list and send me in the comments section the gadgets and inventions that you have seen? The five first ones sending a correct answer will be awarded.


A touching story that can be read easily and made us think a bit about life itself.

The Secret of Happiness from David Devilbiss on Vimeo.

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Computer devices wordle

This is the vocabulary we are studying for unit 4 in 2ºESO. Do you think of a device for each word? Computer devices Wordle

Student's classroom language

You can listen some student's classroom language. Listen and try at class I don't understand. How do you pronounce....? How do you spell....? I don't know. Can you speak more loudly? What does.... mean? Is it right?  Could you repeat, please? What page are we on? I'm sorry, I'm late. Can I go to the toilet? Can you speak more slowly? How do you say ... in English?


Teacher's classroom language

Here you are some of teacher's classroom language Listen to me, please
Listen carefully   Let's start Are you ready? Work in pairs. Sit down. Come to the board. Have you finished? Excellent Look at the picture. Write in your notebook. Repeat after me. Be quiet, please.  Open your books at page... Well done!!  GREAT!!!   Good job

My presentation

4ºESO Dialogues: Invitation

Laura and Gabriela

Aprende las letras de tus canciones favoritas

Are you fond of music? Do you like  singing and learning  the lyrics in different languages? You could do it here and even participate in a contest with your friends. Go ahead. Lyrics training

2º ESO Dialogues

Congratulations to Laura and Javier!!! 2ºESO  You are the first but soon everybody will do it. Enjoy it diálogo 25/01/2012 by javimilenio

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

The joy of books

Let's see what happens in a bookshop when it is closed at night, and enjoy it.
The Joy of Books from Hawkins Brown on Vimeo. Don't miss this story of flying books.
The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore from Moonbot Studios on Vimeo.

Comparatives and Superlatives Exercises

Let's revise the comparatives and superlatives.

     Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the adjectives in brackets:
1. Brad is by far _________________________ (attractive) boy in town.
2. My friends arrived _______________________ (early) we expected.       
3. My dad is _________________________(hard-working) person that I know.
4.. Who is ______________________ (rich) man in the world?
5.Travelling by plane is ___________________ (fast) and __________________(safe) travelling by train.
6. Jennifer Aniston is ________________________ (good-looking) Angelina Jolie.
7. His mother is much _______________________ (old) I thought.  
8. Ben is ______________________ (bad) golfer in the world.  
9. Tom is __________________ (short) and __________________(fat) his brother.
10. His new novel is __________________________ (exciting) his previous one.
11. London is _________________ (far) Paris, but Moscow is _______________ (far)     
12. Do you think that money is ___________________________ (important) love?
13. In my opinion, John is one of ____________________ (lucky) men in the world.
14. These Maths exercises are ________________________ (difficult) yours.
15. ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is ___________________ (romantic) play we have ever read.
16. Your sister is ______________________ (young) in your family.
17. I am ___________________ (bad) at Geography than my sister, but I am _______________ (good) at History.
18. He thinks that Italian food is ______________________(delicious) Spanish food.
19. Helen’s clothes are ___________________________ (fashionable) Susan’s.
20. Sam’s grandmother is ______________________(helpful) person I’ve ever met.
21. August has been ______________________ (hot) month this year.
22. Which is ____________________(high) mountain in the world?
23. The American boxer is much ____________________(strong) Russian one.
24. George Clooney is _______________________(handsome) man in the world.
25. Who is ____________________(thin), Mary or Alice?
26. Alan had a very bad accident. He should drive _________________(carefully).
27. My granny thinks that things are ______________________(complicated) these days.
28. They want to move to a _________________ (big) house, now that they have children.
29. Vegetables and fruit are _______________________(healthy) sweets.
30. Jamie is ________________________(talkative) boy in the class.
31. Do you know if the whale is ___________________(heavy) animal in the world?
32. Ann thinks that Paul is ___________________ (lazy) of her children.
33. Skydiving is _________________________ (dangerous) jogging.
34. Messi is one of __________________________(famous) football players.
35. Ms Green is ______________________(nice) teacher at school.


Un pequeño homenaje  a Charles Dickens y sus personajes por todo lo que han aportado a la Literatura Universal

1º ESO Dialogues 'Giving Directions'