TEST Placement EOI

My Progress Check. Unit 9 answers

Object Pronouns

Click on the boy to see the "lino it" the groups of 2º ESO (2011-2012) presented to Alex Finlay. Thanks for participating

Presentation of Future with Prezi

Let's create a mistery story, Use the following pictures to write one
 The future
Someone like you
Someone Like You Video Dancing Dog Britains Got Talent

 A Glogster on Crime and Detectives What do you know about detective stories? Let's check, but first some information about famous detectives.

  These dialogues have been recorded by students of  2nd ESO.Cosmin and David.   Give your opinion about these inventionsAre they useful or useless? Which one do you like best ? Why?https://voicethread.com/share/2777806/

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