Reading Books

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Books to read in the 2nd term 2015-2016
Reading Books

Book Report

Non-fiction Books:
Click on the images and access to a wide range of interesting books. Reading is free and you will learn very interesting stuff. You can listen the book at the same time you read. Try this experience.
Read a non-fiction book

 Reading is fun

Reading can be a great pleasure but also a source of improving your  learning of a language. 

1.  Angelina’s Dress (bilingual)
2.  Dracula
3.  Howards End
4.  Jurassic Park
5.  Lord of flies
6.  Maisie and the dolphin (bilingual)
7.  The Phantom of the Opera
8.  The 39 steps
9.  The Rough Magic
10. Vanity Fair
11. V is for vampire. (sample)
12. Bristol murder
13. The Beautiful and Damned
14. Room 13 and other Ghost Stories
15. Kilmarny island
16. Miami Police File The O'nell Case

Here you can find and download some interesting reading books.

Have fun reading !!!

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