lunes, 29 de abril de 2013

Dinosaurs' footprints from La Rioja in Romania

Daniela Serban as Coordinator of the Project "Correspondence Club" in Niculitel (Romania) has sent us a message asking for help.
They have entered a competition and  need many votes to win. The title of the project is , Epoca dinozaurilor" (The dinosaurs' era), Şcoala Gimnazială ,, Nichifor Ludovig" Niculiţel. Her name is written there, too( Şerban Daniela as coordinator). The project must be voted daily till the 26th of May. Where can you vote? Click in the link

Today there are 600 votes but they have many  opponents with more than they have. They may win a laptop and printers for their children and school. They need them.

In the project they have included the information that students from IES Comercio sent as part of the project "Correspondence Club".

A vote everyday till the 26th of May. Share