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Present Perfect

This tense use is a bit difficult to understand for many Spanish students. Follow the link below and you will understand it better.

Present Perfect Tense and E-learning heroes

 Present Perfect

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Nowadays Spiderman

Click on the images to read The independent's report about Alain Robert The French Spiderman/the gulf news and the BBC's report.
Then answer the questionnaire.



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miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2015

What's cooking?


This unit is related to meals. You are going to learn how to say the ingredients of a meal, the actions you need to cook or how to buy in a supermarket.

Let's start learning some vocabulary for breakfast. The pictures come from www.easypacelearning.com where you can find a lot of exercises and resources to improve your English. 

Here you have some links to different actions and vocabulary when cooking and shopping.

Different ways to cook food English basics lesson 

Ways to cook food

Food containers

 food packages

expressions of quantity

 Grandma's trifle 

at the supermarket

at the supermarket II

miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2015

Super Dylan

Click on the superhero and you will get access to a storybird book that has been written by students in IES Jaime Gil de Biedma. I hope you like it and try to write your own book
 Super Dylan Strorybird

viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015

St Valentine's Day

The history of St Valentine

Love CrosswordSt Valentine's Day is a festival we celebrate every year on the 14th Februaray. This date comes again. Here you have two activities to do and celebrate on this day. Click on the pictures and you will get the history of St Valentine and a love crosswords.

Have a
                                                       HAPPY   ST    VALENTINE'S

martes, 27 de enero de 2015

Have to

With this ppt you can learn how to use "have to" to express obligation and do some exercises and check if you understood it.

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